A good babysitter’s 3+1 attributions

There may occur some events, when you are not able to look after your kids, and this is absolutely fine, everyone has their own busyness. However, during those occasions it is an important question as to who are you handing your kids to. Especially if the grandparents are not available due to their own work perhaps, or for any other reason. In that case you have to find a babysitter, but you also have to know where to look for one, and what are the attributions that make them suitable for the job. Let’s have a look at the 3+1 good attribution to look after in a babysitter!

A kedvesség és megbízhatóság a jó bébiszitter alaptulajdonságai

1) Responsible caregiver

Every parent wants a responsible babysitter, that is only natural since they are the ones that look after your whole world when you are not available for any reason. A good babysitter is able to convince both the children and the parents that they are suitable and able to keep the kids safe. It starts with the basics, that the caregiver keeps themselves to what had been talked through, arrives on time, fulfils the parents’ wishes and the kids can trust in them, accept their help and their scolding, if they behaved in a way that requires it. The most important thing is that the parents are able to trust that the babysitter is able to make good decisions in certain situations, like when danger occurs they are able to step in and prevent anything bad to happen.

2) Patient

Patience and kindness are going hand-in-hand. It is especially true when it comes to smaller children, who are, if we are being savagely honest here, can be pretty exhausting, especially in their “why?”-phase.

A good babysitter must be patient if they want to build a relationship with the children they are taking care of. Patience can earn trust from the children’s side and therefore they will not only respect, but listen to the babysitter.

A játékos bébiszitter kreatív foglalkozásokat talál ki

3) Creative and playful

Children love those babysitters who have good imagination and can come up with all sorts of creative games or arrange crafting events. The same goes for the parents as they prefer a babysitter who can make all sorts of creative activities instead of putting them down in front of the television. A good babysitter always has some good games for the children, suitable for their age. These doesn’t have to be expensive things, they can just sit down playing with some clay, drawing or playing tag in the garden, as long as they do it together.

Aktív gyermekfelügyelet: a bébiszitter lépést tud tartani a gyerekkel

+1) Active and healthy

Given the previous point it is advised for the babysitter to be active, but most importantly in good health. Children are full of energy, so it is certainly not a disadvantage if the babysitter can keep up with them. If the grandparents are taking care of the children, it can also be fun, but when a person, who is able to play, crawl and climb with them does the same it is a new level of fun. Health is an emphasized point, because children’s immune system are not as developed, therefore they can get sick easier.

Where can you find a suitable person?

It is easy! You have to find a page where babysitters are offering their services, and where their references from other parents can be traced back. Pillan-Go is just the perfect page for this.


It became more and more popular amongst families to employ a babysitter, since requirements in the parents’ job are changing, hardening even, and many parents have to work long hours, while the children’s grandparents may live far from them, or just don’t have the time to look after the kids. Moreover, during school holidays, many parents just don’t have enough vacation days to last through all of it. In those occasions, don’t be afraid to look for freelance collecting pages and find the perfectly fitting babysitter!

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