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Pillan-Go is a fairly new website, an online community that provides fast and efficient help for any assistance-related problem. We have all been in a position where we needed, for example a good electrician, but we could not find any in our radius. In these situations we tend to ask our friends and relatives, search on the internet, or ask for help on Facebook, however, these all take a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, many expert, especially from the older generations, could not be found on the internet, yet they are not only available, but they also do high quality jobs.

So, why don’t we offer assistance in helping each other in these kind of situations? Pillan-Go is a site, where people help people in an organic online community.

Google or Pillan-Go?

In a way, searching on Pillan-Go could become an alternative for Google, since both works with a database that could not be found anywhere else. The data a user puts up can only be seen to those who are also registered, therefore you can be safe. If you can’t find something in your region, you can certainly find it with the help of the community!

The recommendation system works easily; the perception is that people help each other. For example, if someone is searching for a French teacher, or a babysitter in Liverpool, the user who knows a contact for these (has a friend or an acquaintance) puts up a recommendation into the community, therefore the one who searched for these can easily find them. With this system, those experts who don’t have a webpage or don’t advertise themselves, like lawyers, can be found. Here, real people form a community.

If we put up an advertisement (whether we search or advertise ourselves/a friend), we are bound to get worthwhile answers faster than on Facebook, for the reason that the page’s main profiles are to provide help and to link the supply with the demand.

What if I am providing a service

If we look at the page from the providers’ point of view, we can find an active online community, where advertising ourselves is easier and we have a higher chance to get orders more frequently. Nevertheless if a provider is gifted with good ratings on the website, they could be even more known throughout the community.

Whether someone does their profession full time, wants to take part-time, or even does by-work on empty weekends as a complement in money, registering and being an active part in the community is a fantastic idea. This virtual community has a high chance to link us with not-so-well-known potentials, so why not try it out? There is a place for everyone, let them be self-employed or hobby crafter, in this information-web.

You have an idea?

Pillan-Go has been created to provide help, so if you have any question, opinion, or any kind of constructive criticism regarding the page please, feel free to contact us! Write an e-mail, so we can make our page nicer, better, more functional and user-friendly. Your opinion matters for us, and our users are there for each other.


Did you know that according to researches, almost everybody can generally be linked by 13 people? If you are looking for someone, your friend’s friend may have a friend, who has a friend etc. who knows that exact people, and through all these people, you can find them. With Pillan-Go, it can be faster! Moreover, this data we provided, comes from before internet was such a huge network, now let us imagine, what kind of wonders can be done if we use communities like these?! If you are looking for an expert, or want to advertise, your place is here at Pillan-Go! Be a part of this community and make your, or others’ lives easier!

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