Cosmeticians and masseurs after the reopening

Beauty industry just as service industry has been highly worn down by Covid-19, reopening is happening step by step and not many people has returned to beauty salons and cosmetics.

Although pubs are full in most towns, beauty salons are highly underperforming, and they don’t get as many customers as they are used to at this part of the year. However, the situation seems to be improving. One of the reasons for lack of costumers is that many people are afraid to be in closed spaces where they think they can get infected easier, even though cosmeticians, fair stylists and masseurs do everything they can to provide the appropriate hygienic environment. Those, who visit the salons currently are mostly vaccinated, yet being cautious is still required. Let’s see the circumstances that are waiting for the customers in the reopened salons!

Salons after the reopening

Many salons occupy hair stylists, cosmeticians and nail technicians, who, during the time the salons were closed, mostly did the stock-taking, sanitizing and planning, or they either went to their customers’ home, or received them in their own home for work. The reopening meant that they have to keep certain principles in order to make the environment safe. Firstly, the salons have to make a limit at how many people can be inside at once, which means that most of the time the specialists and their customers are the only ones. Cosmeticians has to sanitize their equipment after every customer and they work in gloves. 

Certain places use UV sanitizing, while others use ozone generator, beside the chemicals that said to be kill “99,9% of the bacteria”. Beside these, a good airing never does any harm between two customers. Those places that have a regular customer circle, who were waiting for the reopening, work with pre-registration that prevents crowds waiting for their place. 

Did we become specialists?

Of course not! Although the pandemic forced many people to use DIY methods with their beauty treatments for which they usually go to salons but we all know that these are certainly not as effective as a true specialist’s work. Yet, as we mentioned before, many specialists worked in their customers’ home in the time of need, the environment in the salons that we are used to is so much more relaxing, with the certain smells, looks and small talks. 

The situation is direr in those cases, where beauty treatment is not just a convenient thing we treat ourselves with, but a need. For those who need some kind of treatment (for example for health reasons) does not advised to interrupt the process, because it may have many negative effects. Conditions like ingrown toenails, infected nail beds or hard heels are fell under these said situations. Cosmeticians give treatments for skin-inflammation and masseurs can treat chronic pain, which treatments are also not advised to be interrupted. A new haircut, makeup or nail is just really the cherry on the top. 

All in all, these services help to make us feel better in our own skin. And we haven’t even talked about the effects these can improve our mental state, as during the pandemic a visit to our favourite hair stylist, cosmetician or masseur feels almost as good as a therapy. 

What’s next?

Salons are waiting with open gates for customers, and we have to hurry if we want to prevent these small businesses to close permanently. Those salons that does not have an individual building had to pay the rent during the time they were closed, and slowly they are running out of their savings without much of an income. Many specialists decided to change their profession in desperation, but there is a small beam of light at the end of the tunnel. The weather is getting better, people are happy to break free from the regulations, but a good event requires a good look, therefore hair stylists, cosmeticians and masseurs can look at the bright side. 

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