Diese Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen (im Folgenden: „AGB”) regeln die Nutzung der deutschen Webportal (www.pillan-go.de, www.pillan-go.at, login.pillan-go.de, login.pillan-go.at) und Applikation von "Pillan-go" virtuelle Gemeinschaft.  Diese AGB treten für alle über die deutschen website angemeldeten Nutzer ab dem 1. Mai 2020 in Kraft. Für alle Nutzer, die sich ab dem 1. Mai 2020 angemeldet haben, gelten ab dem Zeitpunkt der Anmeldung die AGB in der Fassung, der sie bei der Registrierung zugestimmt haben. Diese Website steht im Eigentum von Enterprise Soft GmbH. (Ungarn, Harcsa str. 2., 1023 Budapest,  HU13741903)

Our clients can reach the Terms and Conditions on our page – www.pillan-go.uk – and on the registration form https://login.pillan-go.uk/signup . You can sign up into our system after agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.


1.The services of the Comissioned

Displaying advertisement put on by buyers to registered sellers.

Assuring registering services for sellers on the virtual market.

Guaranteeing a chance for messaging between buyers and sellers.

1.1 Displaying advertising banners for clients.

Displaying advertisements put up by buyers for sellers

Within the services for registered sellers we display every kind of buyer’s advertisement in their interface that is relevant jointly to the following conditions:

1.The main- and subcategory of a service appointed by a buyer corresponds with what the seller had fastened in their service’s main- and subcategory.

2.The location of the service appointed by the buyer corresponds with the location of the service fastened by the seller.

1.2 Assuring the registration of services for sellers in the virtual market

For those users who registered as sellers, we assure that in their user profile they can fasten the services they provide with their categorization, description, signing the location and the language.

Buyers cannot directly see the registered services, only in a case when a seller is applying for an advertisement put up by a buyer.

1.3 Opportunity for messaging between sellers and buyers

If a seller applies for an advertisement put up by a buyer, they can exchange messages within the system. The message will appear in the buyer’s interface, and the given answer will appear in the seller’s interface.

1.4 Displaying advertising banners for our principals

Our principals can put up advertisements within our system. Their advertisements will be displayed on the main page of the website and on the surface of the application. For commercial type of advertisements, we make specialized contract considering the unique parameters of the advertisement service. The contract regulates every condition of the service.

2. Data processing

Data processing methods considering user’s data are contained in the GDPR informative, which can be reach in the following link: http://pillan-go.com/datenschutzsregel/

3. Other mandates

If any provision is the contract is invalid or unenforceable, or becomes later on, then the invalid or unenforceable part will be detached from the other parts of the contract and the invalidity of these said parts won’t make the whole contract or the other parts invalid.

If something is not regulated in the contract or in the Terms and Conditions, the operative laws of the United Kingdom are standard.

Any debate regarding or correlating this contract, that arises with breaking or ceasing it – after an unsuccessful checking up – the involved parties should reach out to the venue.






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