Distance learning with a private teacher? Here are a couple of ideas for why it is the best decision

Nowadays it is almost a fact that we learn throughout our entire life, since our world changes fast and we need to acquire new and new skills in order to move forward in our careers, regardless of in what field are we working. Now that we are in a pandemic situation, this process, that is developing for many years now, developed faster than ever, when online teaching and distance learning became kind of a norm. While it came as a shock at first, we must admit that education is heading toward this and online teaching will be inescapable. However, it has many benefits and we try to show you exactly them.


Goodbye immovability

One of the biggest benefit of distance learning is that we are mobile, thus we are free from the burden, the cost and the time we had wasted on travelling. The only thing we need is stable internet connection and we can learn from home in a pleasant, comfortable environment.

Many people argue that it lacks the personal connection, but they must admit that if it comes to language learning, tutoring or preparing for a final exam, we don’t need t contact with strangers, especially if we want to do these things with a private teacher. In those cases, it is more than enough to see each other through the webcam, because neither of the participants need to leave their home and yet the teacher still focuses on their student.

Online with a private teacher

Organizing becomes easier, because in the online space you don’t need to go through the whole process of renting a place or a classroom, and it is also easier to reserve a date with the private teacher, than it would be through an organization. Another factor could be the price, because if we don’t go through a language school or any other educational institution, we spare their fee. Naturally the price may differ, but not as much as it does between language schools.

Distance teaching is safe

Given the situation nowadays, we don’t even need to mention safety as a main factor. Online teaching facilitates gaining new abilities and the opportunity to move with the material without contacting other students or the teacher, thus reducing the chance to become sick. Beside illnesses, if a little child has to take online courses it is easier for the parents, because they don’t need to transfer them to another location and they can monitor their children’s progress.


Independent learning rhythm

Many schools and teachers are prepared to present the material so the student can set their own rhythm in acquiring these material. Thanks to online learning we can manage our own time, acquiring them as fast as we are capable of. Although it requires great self-discipline, but it fruits for everyone independently.


Whenever else?

Now is the time to start learning the languages we want to, or prepare for the exams we will have, now that we can spare the time we otherwise spend with travelling. If you are interested in learning a language, but haven’t tried online learning yet, do it now! Many different private teachers are waiting on Pillan-Go, with great references. Whether you are a teacher or a wannabe student, sign up, and have your place in the wonderful world of online learning.


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