Elderly nursing during Covid19: what are the hardships?

Not only tourism and catering sectors are suffering during this pandemic, but plans that are building on a stable economy are capsizing and with those families are fighting to stay above the water. In this situation nursing takes a back seat for two reasons: active workers are trying to keep their jobs and live through this period, and many nurse, who for example arrives from abroad are not available.

This points to the crisis of nursing all throughout Europe. We try to point out the problems and maybe come up with a few solutions, although we have to admit that the situation is extremely complicated and every single case needs individual care.

1) Where do we find a nurse ASAP?

Trying to find a nurse for our elderly family members can be a nightmare. Not only do these nurses sometime have to travel long distances to arrive at the home they work in, but on many occasions they can only stay for a limited amount of time. Besides, they may or may not do their jobs properly, and confronting them may also be impossible. Now, in this dire situation it is advised that we look for a nurse in our own country, and for that we use trustworthy sites, where the professional’s references are traceable, and they have a professional degree.

2) Systematic and calculable payment

Every family’s budget has been cut short, understandably, however, it is in everyone’s best interest that the professional who is nursing one of our loved ones is systematically payed. Why? So they can feel safe and do a high quality job, therefore you can stay calm. With this method you may avoid the inconvenience of trying to find a new nurse every other week.

It is in the family’s and the nurse’s interest that they can work together in harmony and stability, thus you have to give what is promised to the nurse. You have to have a due time when the nurse gets the preconcert and full payment. If our loved one’s health is deteriorating, the payment – with the amount of work – might rise.


3) The boundaries of the employment

If you have to hire a caregiver, you gave to fasten the frame of the agreement. The best option is to make a contract like this with the help of a lawyer, and it has to contain:


The specific details of the position (hours/week, the assigned hours, what they have to do in case of an emergency)


– If they are residential caregiver, then the specific criteria of living, regarding personal space and definite free time

The amount of the payment, the due date and the form (if the caregiver is self-employed then it has to contain how and when they give you the bill).


If the amount of work becomes more, then how the payment and the working hours are rising.


-Sanctions, if one of the party involved violates the contract what are the legal consequences

Covid19 is specifically dangerous for people above 65 and the caregiver or nurse should look out for that. They should always wear a mask, keep the distance if possible, airing the rooms and naturally sanitizing and washing their hands more frequently. Besides these, it is ideal that, if the caregiver or nurse has a chance, they make covid-tests regularly, and go to work only if it’s negative. However, who funds these tests should be up for debate between the family and the caregiver/nurse.



To sum it up, we can saw that given this situation caregivers and nurses are facing bigger challenges than before, so it is highly important that both parties behave humane, empathetically and fair. We have to help each other!


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