Where can I write messages?

In the „Messages to the community” menu you can send a message to the community’s site. You just have to put in the message’s subject and topic (service’s or job’s type), the place and the type of the message (you provide or search for a service/job) and the text. After that anybody could comment on your message, just as you can comment on anybody’s. If you want to write directly to the user who put up the message you can do that with the e-mail or other address they put on their profiles.

My search did not show up, although I put it up

The system needs a couple of seconds, before your message to the community will pop up. After it did you can delete or inactivate it, if you changed your mind or spoiled it.

I want to change the text of my message. How can I do this?

Unfortunately, after you put up a message you can’t change the text. Delete the message and put it up again with the changes.

My message did not reach the advertiser

If you commented on a message that had been locked down, the advertiser may not read your comment.

Is the system's interface available in a different language?

The language of the interface is decided when you log in. It will be always in the same language as the country in which’s URL you logged in.

There is no service in the system that is interesting for me.

In this case you can claim a new category. Write us an e-mail, and your claim will be decided in maximum two weeks. If your claim is legitimate we complete the service list with it.

How can I market my service abroad?

When you put up a message you can choose a continent, a country, a county and a city. If you put in a foreign country, they will see your message there. In this case you only have to be aware to put in the text in the given country’s language.

Can I get an e-mail notification about messages relevant for me?

Absolutely! In the “my data” menu, in the contact section you just have to check about what do you want to get notifications.

In the “my data” menu there is a section “Public data” you can check those boxes you want others to see and turn off those you don’t.

A “szolgáltatásaim” menűpontban a szolgtatáshelye mezőkben add meg az országot vagy országokat, ahol szolgáltatást nyújtasz. Több helyszínt is megadhatsz. Csak előfizetés esetén adhatsz meg több országot. Figyelj arra, hogy a szolgáltatásod leírását is több nyelven add meg.

Can I log in with my Facebook data?

Naturally, while signing in choose the “log in with Facebook” mode.

Can I put in my firm’s or my Facebook, LinkedIn, web, Twitter or Instagram access details?

Under “my data” menu in the section “Public data” you can set these data’s.

How can I log out?

On the right side of the menu bar, under the “user” option you can find the log out button.