Hairdressers in 2021: what has changed?

In many countries shops had to temporarily close due to Covid-19, and hairdressers, who are contacting with their guests physically every day, weren’t an exception. For many of them it meant that they had to live from their savings, and being a small business was really hard during these times. Let’s see how hairdressers managed to get through these difficult times and what awaits for them.

Those who survive:

After a lockdown, those salons could open, that had materials saved up, from which they could work immediately. Naturally, orders from abroad were slowed down, but for those who had enough, they could get the rest from their local shops and even had time for stock-taking. These salons could open up immediately and their guest-circle returned mostly. 

Many hairdressers tried to catch up with the loss of income, gaining back as much as possible by working nonstop. Those are the lucky ones who had a strong guest circle, who cling to them and couldn’t wait for the reopening! Recurring guests were grateful, because a salon and cosmetics are places where, beside the beautification, the guests and the professionals are holding social relationships, talking with each other, and the guests can leave not only satisfied with the work that had been done on them, but with a pleasant feeling from the nice environment. 

This last year had a toll on all of us, thus people grab every opportunity that moves them out a little bit from the monotonous everyday “lockdown” life. This means that a haircut can be an utterly exciting event, when something finally changes. Another signal for that is when people book an appointment, they not just do it quickly and hang up, but talk a little bit with their hairdresser, including small questions about each other’s’ families and well-being. In these salons the first few weeks were full, all the appointments booked. 

In professional salons, regular sanitization is a basic condition and guests can only be present in a limited number, most of the times the hairdresser, maybe a head washer and the guest. This of course limits the guest number that can be acceptable at the same time, thus making the income a little bit less. 

Those who are not so lucky

Those hairdressers who had a limited guest circle, may not be able to entice back as many customers as the wanted or needed. This could be from many reasons, but the said salons usually blame the financial situation of their former guests, or that they are afraid of getting sick. The biggest limiting power is the uncertainty of course, because neither the customer nor the hairdresser can look into a certain future, regarding the following few months, and this is showed in the income as well. 


Hairdressers were affected by the numerous lockdowns in two different ways: some of them could save up enough, then refill their stocks to be able to open up, while others suffer from financial uncertainty. However, hairdressers are always needed, sooner or later the pandemic will be over, thus we wish the best luck to every professional out there! Hang in there and we hope that soon, we will be able to sit into the chair with a good magazine. 

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