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Put in your e-mail address and choose a username; or sign up via Facebook. Put in your place of interest (country/county/city). Then you will get a confirmatory email, in which you have to click on the activation link and you can log in to the system with the given username and password.

Log in and create your profile under "My Data"

Write a short introduction about yourself (other users will see this) and give us your place of interest, with which the system will know which messages are relevant for you. Check the box if you would like to get an e-mail notification about relevant messages or messages sent for you. Beside these you can put in other contact information (Whatsapp, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) and you can decide whether you want other users to see them or not.

Write messages to the community

First write in the message’s subject and the text (important, you cannot upload pictures), then choose the topic, namely the service’s category. Choose the location where you want your message to appear (country/region/county/city) and the message’s type, i.e. if you are searching for/offering a service or looking for a job/employee. At the end send your message with the send button, and wait for the reactions.

Follow the applicants!

If you want to see the messages that you had sent in, just check the “My messages” box and click on the “start searching” button. You will see your messages and if you open them, you will see who reacted on them.

Give us the topics in which you are interested!

Choose a main-, and a subcategory from the categories and add them to your list. Your given topics will be stored in the system and you will see only the relevant messages. If you agreed to get an e-mail notification about new messages, then you will get a notification about new messages in the categories you are interested in.

Watch the messages in the community

You can sort messages by place (country/county/city) and by user if you know who you are looking for. You can freely sort your messages with the following options: “Messages with new comments” will only show you the messages you got reactions to (via chat); “only favourite messages” will show you the messages you marked with a star; “uninteresting messages” will show the messages that had been marked with a hand icon. Beside these you can choose what type of messages are you interested in (e.g. you are looking for/offering a service; looking for/offering a job, etc.). Don’t forget to click on the “start searching” button!