We can’t put it any better, COVID19 had drained the photographers’ opportunities just as much as everybody else’s.

It is true even if people are lucky enough (and I hope that everybody who reads this has this luck!) that they are sitting in front of the monitor in good health, thinking that, what will be the next step? Even then, the economic consequences of the lockdown and stipulations are enormous.

It is especially true for professional photographers, who earn money while interacting with other people. Since in the current situation it is not possible, they also have a hard time paying the bills.

Naturally, everybody reacts in a different way to this situation. Some people try to find new topics for their photos, others are panicking, while many people try to find alternative solutions. But what are these alternatives and as a photographer, how can you make a profit during this situation?

Photography, photographers and COVID

For many people, the business that they had built during the years started to fall as the virus had reached the country and people started to panic: weddings had been cancelled, graduation parties are on a hold, just like birthday parties and corporate or official photo shoots as well. People had cancelled their pre-ordered shoots and organised events had been moved to later dates. This does not make life any easier for photographers!

What kind of assignments are still kept despite the situation?

Many entrepreneurs had turned this seemingly dreadful period and made their own luck, knowing that it presents the perfect opportunity to give a new face for their businesses and gain newfound strength to start the period after the virus disappears. Therefore, the need for professional portrait shoots had risen, that both serves those who want to give a new face for their businesses, and those who try to better their CV and find a new job with new opportunities during the pandemic. Another thing that is high up on the order chart is the product shoots, which is understandable because people are mostly shop online, therefore, selling something highly depends on how the product is represented.

Maybe it isn’t a surprise that many families had realised that the connection between the family members is also very important, so private orders are increasing as well. They order a photographer for events, like birthdays, Christmas or other family festivities. The final pictures can be an interesting memory about this strange period of time. Also, a photo album tends to be a good gift for family members.

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The industry will stand up

This whole pandemic will be over someday. This is certain. Will life for photographers be the same as before? Now to this we cannot answer, given the fact that the consequences are unknown for other professions as well. Yet in one thing I am sure: Photography will live on. Many class, who already graduated will want a tabloid, the graduation parties will be held, as well as other events. Wedding photographers will also be needed, and many people will ask for professional photo shoots about their new born.

What can you do?

Concentrate on short-term goals! Contact your clients, and discuss further details, like where and when will be held the event that had been moved! Naturally there are situations, like when a baby is born that cannot be transferred, but you can give a solution to this like a “one day in the baby’s life photo shoot”. Just be creative! This is the strongest attribute of a photographer!

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