The most user friendly online community: advertising and services at Pillan-go

Spring is here, the season of rebirth, when every living thing is blooming and enjoying the warm sunshine. This wind of rebirth reached the online space as well and our page, Pillan-Go has started to open its wings and reach new countries. Our community is broadening, and we aim to create a website about services, that is the most user friendly among all of them. We hope we figured it out the best way possible.

In what way Pillan-Go is new?

Pillan-Go is a community for real people in virtual space, who can search or offer basically any kind of services. Why is it new? Let us see an example: if we put in a certain keyword in Google (e.g: “gardener near Ringwood”) the results popping up are limited and will navigate you to numerous sites, therefore what is really relevant will vanish, given the fact that Google results are influenced by previous searches as well. Not to speak about the fact that we have to look through numerous pages to find at least something interesting- However, Pillan-Go gathers supply and demand to one place, making this whole process easier.

If you need any kind of service, from babysitting to nursing, or from electrician to gas man, you can find what you are looking for through specific filters. Nonetheless, if you are an electrician and you want to offer your service, you can easily put up an advertisement to Pillan-Go.

Pillan-Go is a living, breathing community, where real people are answering to your advertisements, whether you are searching or offering. Here it is not the artificial intelligence that will decide about the results, but you. The community is an organically organising community, without an interrupting admin, therefore the services being dealt are up to you!

Online community with a twist

Opposed to Facebook groups, Pillan-Go has many advantages they don’t have. Here, you don’t have to enter every group individually, or begging for an invitation to reach the service you need. You don’t have to wait for an admin to decide whether your advertisement can be put up or not, your post will be out and can only be seen by those who registered (unlike in a public group, where everyone can see your post, whether you like it or not).

If you want to find a service, you just “throw in” what you are looking for and the community will help, supply and demand are shaped by those who registered to Pillan-Go. The connections that are created and the messages between two parties cannot be seen by others, therefore it is completely safe and free from the so-called “trolls”. Here you won’t get waves of negative comments, it is a safe environment! :)


Community organisation has its strength in organically organised communities like Pillan-Go that shape the online space, and the give page’s profile and mood. In an online community, where bringing supply and demand together is the main profile, it is in the registered users best interest that communication is clean and qualitative. Everybody can promote their own service and if a question pops up, it is answered by active people. The aim is that we help each other!

During the pandemic it has a heightened importance, because most of the everyday communication is transferred to the online space. This page is fit for those who are looking for a job and for those who are searching for a service as well. Let’s build a community! Sign up to Pillan-Go!

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