Who are the lawyers and why do we need them?

Lawyers are needed in almost every field of our lives, because we are living in a government of laws. Our everyday lives are filled with laws and rules, not to mention the times when we have to manage an official business, for example a wedding, a divorce, managing estate businesses etc. Lawyers are authorized to manage these businesses and regarding their speciality they can lend us a helping hand. Thus it can be said that there aren’t many adults in the UK who didn’t have to go to a lawyer at least once in their lives so far. But how do we begin to search? It is best if you find a lawyer through credible advice, that can be easily achieved on Pillan-Go. 

What does a lawyer do?

There are many types in the field of the legal profession depending on their specialty. Thus we can speak of lawyers, notaries, juries, and counsels. All of these are in the legal field, yet lawyers, notaries, and counsels are the ones who take up civil cases. Let us have a look at their activities. 

Lawyer: They can attend in front of the authorities or jurisdictions, protecting their clients’ right in a certain case. It can be said that most of the lawyers are working as an individual proprietor in a law firm or manage their own firms and do outside cases. 

Notary: They create official documents, that can be both an assurance and a reference base in the future, and they can give you a high chance in evading big fights that could only be solved by lawyers. 

Counsel: We can ask a counsel for help if, as an employee of a firm, we have a problem inside that said firm. Although not every counselor works for only one firm, it is not unusual for a firm to have its own lawyer and counsel at the same time. The counsel usually is an employee of the firm and they perform orders for that firm. 


It is not a surprise that being a lawyer is one of the most paid job and they usually have a fix price and hour rate. The hour rate usually depends on the experience and fame of the lawyer, and how tricky and complex the case is. In today’s complex law system we need to be aware that if we are to ask a lawyer for help, it will be expensive. However, we also have to know that it can save us from many additional cost that we are not even aware about. 

The first tutorship usually has a fix price, then the lawyer works with a personal hour rate. It is advised to ask in advance about the expected prices. 

The most general cases where we ask a lawyer or notary for help

-Weddings (in creating the wedding certificate), separating the property during a divorce, childcare, who keeps the child, child support. 

-Firm cases: creating a firm, licenses, mandatory notifications, guidance. 

-Real estate cases: buying a property, gift agreement, lease agreement, creating a contract about usufruct right. 

-Tax guidance, helping with financial and other affairs. 


Great lawyers are able to read and talk to people, able to translate complex legal texts, define options, risks and possible outcomes of certain cases. With a lawyer we are able to evade great errors and can make sure to do everything according to the law. Search for them with trust on www.pillan-go.com and you will easily find the perfect lawyer for yourself! 

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